Charnavind – Lords Lotus Feet

Distinct features made Lord Swaminarayan unique and divine. He had many beauty spots all over His body. These features and cheens are those that only Almighty God Supreme would possess.

The Lord has sixteen symbolic icons on His Lotus Feet, with nine cheens on His right foot and seven on His left foot. These cheens are unique to Almighty God and no other human being on the earth possesses such features. One can recognise Almighty God Supreme by observing His divine Lotus Feet.

One gains guidance and help to the path of righteousness and salvation through meditating and focusing upon the Lotus Feet of Lord. Nishkulanand Swami examined the qualities of each cheen. One achieves the following results of the mind and soul through meditation upon each cheen.

Right Foot Cheens

Swastik Good luck
Ashtakon (Octagon) Easily able to overcome hardship arising from the elements of the universe
Ankush (Goad) Control over mind and senses, in the same way an elephant owner controls his elephant by using the ankush
Kamal(Lotus) Constant focus on Lord Swaminarayan is achieved, forces of maya are kept at bay, just as the lotus flower remains on water
Ketu (Flag) Guided through life with the principles of Lord Shree Swaminarayan, in the same way that wind guides the sway and direction of a flag
Urdhva-Rekha Ascendant Line) Attainment of salvation
Vajra (Sword) Inner negative forces and evils are overcome
Jambu (Blackberry) Liberated from the desire of taste
Java (Barley grain) Attainment of inner tranquillity and eradication of sins