Australia Shibir – Suhrudbhav 2017 – Perth and Sydney

Jay Shree Swaminarayan,

Save the date and hit the link to secure your place for the upcoming Australasia Shibir – “Suhrudbhav 2017”.

An event filled with heaps of activities, games, workshops and importantly in presence of well learned saints form Bhuj Mandir.

This Shibir runs for 3 nights/4 days, so plan ahead and ensure you do not miss this event.

The event is being hosted by 2 cities within Australia – Perth and Sydney.

Hence, while filling the application form ensure you click the appropriate city you will attend this iconic event.

Application form :

Deadline for registration is 6th Aug 2017. After filling the form, please forward the payment at your local temple Kothar.


On one of the days of the Shibir you will be required to wear White Kurta and Salvar. Hence, if you do not have one please contact your local temple Kothar to order one.

Secondly, Shibir Tshirt will be gifted, therefore make you sure you fill the form with the right sizes to avoid any inconvenience.

For any queries contact –, alternatively speak to your local Mandir Shibir representative/ YM Samitee members.


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