Jivan Charitra Part 2

that both Narayan and Mahesh (Shiva) should be understood as one, as both are forms of Brahm as confirmed by the Vedas. Thus he brought an end to the hostility between the Shaivas and Vaishnavas. In order to bring complete chastity of character into the Holy Fellowship, He ordered that the temples, meeting assemblies and initiating rites should be separate for male and female followers. He appointed married householders from His own family line as chief of the Fellowship and ordered the saints to observe eight types of celibacy from females, so that there would remain no possibility of corruption by crossing boundaries of self-control.

In order to prevent any blind tradition in pure devotion, the Lord instructed devotees to build large and beautiful temples. He also wrote a sacred volume called the Shikshapatri for the welfare of many souls after His departure from Earth. Having completed His mission of establishing the Bhagawat Dharma and the task of rejuvenating and revitalizing the ancient Vedic path, He left His mortal body and ascended to His divine abode Akshardham at Gadhpur (Saurashtra) on the 10th day of the bright half of the Jyestha month of Vikram Samvat 1886; from then onwards He has been offering His divine darshan in idol form in various temples in the Holy Fellowship.

The Curse Of Durvasa

When the burden of sin increases on Earth, Mother Earth becomes unhappy. As her unhappiness increases something needs to be done to ease her plight. The saints and rishis pray to the Lord to help her during these bad times. Once, one hundred and thirty nine rishis and saints including Marichi, Harit, Gautam, Bhrigu and Bhardwaj, went to Badrikashram for darshan of Lord Shree NarNarayan. They bathed in the sacred River Ganga and then bowed down to Shree NarNarayan. Lord Narayan asked them, “O Rishis, what is the news on Earth?” The Rishis replied: “Lord, the burden of sin has greatly increased on Earth. Immoral behaviour has grown immensly, hypocrisy and pretence prevail everywhere in the name of religion. Innocent people are struggling to find religious leaders to look after them”. During this discussion, Dharmadev and Bhaktimata arrived. They were informed of Earth’s plight by Lord NarNarayan as everyone was engrossed in hearing these talks.

Meanwhile Rishi Durvasa arrived, but nobody noticed him. Durvasa had a temperamental nature, he felt insulted when no one welcomed him, he became angry and cursed them all: “You have failed to welcome me in the worry of the Earth, therefore you shall go and live on Earth as humans, and suffer at the hands of evil spirits.” Lord NarNarayan and the other saints came to their senses; they prayed to Durvasa muni, “O great saint, have mercy on us.” Durvasa replied “My curse cannot be reverted once given, but on account of my curse, the burden of sin on the Earth will decrease by your hands. Lord Narayan will be born as the son of Dharma-Bhakti, and will benefit the universe. You will be free from the curse after that.” Lord Narayan smiled gently and said, “The curse is the result of my wish. The curse of a saint is not a curse, but it is a boon in disguise. I will decrease the burden of sin on Earth; I myself will be born as the son of Dharma and Bhakti for the establishment of true religion and so you all will be born on earth.” On hearing this, everyone was pleased, and so the curse of Durvasa turned into a boon.

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